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February is Dental Health Month!

In celebration of “Dental Month” (February) at Beausejour Animal Hospital, we held a “Best Pet Smile” photo contest. Throughout the month, we received many pictures of everyone’s happy, smiling pets. It was so great to see all of the smiling pictures of all the cats, dogs and even goats! The two winners were Mogley the [...]

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“Their Health is in Your Hands” Animal Health Week- Sept 30 to Oct 5 Featuring: 1) Complimentary Nutrition Consultations 2) Kids Colouring Contest (Click a link below for a picture) 3) A Biggest Loser Contest For Pets Prizes Awarded to Winners! Call in for promotion details.  Click on one of the below for our official colouring [...]


Beausejour/Whiteshell Dogs and Lyme Disease Risk

Lyme disease in dogs is common and a potentially debilitating disease.  Pet owners need to be aware of this disease and what preventative measures you can take to decrease the risk to your dogs. Lyme disease (Borrelliosis) is a bacterial infection that is transmitted by the deer tick (Ixodes).  It can infect humans, dogs, and [...]

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Preventing Distemper in Your Dog

Many dog owners have heard of distemper and how their dogs should be vaccinated against this potentially dangerous, sometimes fatal disease. Distemper is a highly contagious virus found in domestic dogs. A dog that has distemper can pass this disease to another dog through its breath and nasal secretions. An unvaccinated dog is also capable [...]

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Facts About Rabies

What is rabies? It is a vaccine preventable disease caused by a virus.  It is usually transmitted through saliva, usually from an animal bit.  This disease affects the nervous system (including the brain) of human beings and animals.  Symptoms include headache, fever, increasing difficulty in swallowing, excessive drooling, spasm or weakness, and strange behavior.  If [...]

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