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Vaccine Reactions:

Vaccine reactions in pets are rare but they can occur. Usually they are mild and short lived, very similar to most human vaccine reactions. The benefits of disease protection from the commonly used vaccines greatly outweighs the risks. The most common vaccine reactions include either soreness or swelling at the injection site, stomach upset, lethargy, [...]

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Leppelmann Trip to Kenya – Veterinarians Without Borders

This year the Leppelmann family have gone to Kenya to work with Veterinarians Without Borders. They have been sending us pictures and information while they are there. Please check back regularly for updates!           There are 42000 dairy producers that ship milk to the dairy processor we are working with. Average [...]

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Dental Month

February is pet dental month. The importance of dental care and oral health to pets cannot be over emphasized. Often dental care for pets is overlooked because issues with the teeth are not always easy to notice. Many people also think that as long as their pet is still eating their teeth are fine but [...]

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Holiday Travel with Pets

During the holiday season we often travel to visit family and friends. Sometimes we take our furry family members along or we may arrange to have them cared for while we are away. Both travelling and being cared for by others can be stressful for many animals. However there are some ways we can hopefully [...]

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Common Aging Issues in Dogs and Cats

November is Senior Pet Month at the Beausejour Animal Hospital. As our pets age they often face common age-related health challenges, just as we do as we get older. It can be difficult to tell if an animal is ill or in pain as they tend not to act sick until the condition is severe. [...]

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Adjusting to life with a new pet

Choosing a new pet to bring into the family is very exciting. This article will focus on dogs and cats but there are other exotic pets to choose from. It is important to think realistically about what type of pet best suits you. If you are looking for a purebred dog or cat make sure [...]

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