In celebration of “Dental Month” (February) at Beausejour Animal Hospital, we held a “Best Pet Smile” photo contest. Throughout the month, we received many pictures of everyone’s happy, smiling pets. It was so great to see all of the smiling pictures of all the cats, dogs and even goats!

The two winners were Mogley the cat and Michka the dog. Both winners went home with a gift basket of treats and other goodies for them to enjoy!

These two smiley furballs have quite the personalities too. Mogley is a laid-back kitty whose past times include sleeping, eating and finding cozy spots to curl up in. Michka on the other hand is an adventurer. She enjoys snowshoeing, adventures in the bush, chasing deer and pulling at her brother’s legs. Both winners are very different but they have one thing in common; their beautiful smiles!