Lifelong Health for your Cat

We’re here to help your kitten get a healthy start, and to keep your adult or senior cat in the best possible health. At Beausejour Animal Hospital, we want to help answer your questions.  Our team of doctors will recommend a program of health care that is appropriate for your cat’s individual needs.  Regular checkups help to detect health concerns early and prevent long term problems before they develop.

We know that your cats may have many different nutritional needs, and there are a few special ones that are just picky eaters!  We carry a wide variety of prescription diets to match your cat’s needs and keep them feeling great.

We also stock many “just for fun” toys, and a large selection of leashes, harnesses and many other items.



We offer a large variety of medications, care products and supplies for both small animal and large animal health care.


Our retail store has almost everything you may need for your companions. We stock a large variety of pet foods, treats, toys, grooming products and various necessities. We also provide an extensive line of medications and supplies for most kinds of large animals and livestock.

Come in and browse – our friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our products and supplies. We can also provide you with special orders for your specific needs.

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We’re partners in your cat’s health.