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    Products available to order: (please put the number of how many you would like next to the product.)

    Anafen 100ml
    Banamine 100ml
    Banamine 250ml
    Bimectin Pour-On 5L
    Biomycin 250ml
    Bovi-shield Gold FP5 L5 HB 10 dose
    Bovi-shield Gold FP5 L5 HB 50 dose
    Bovi-shield Gold FP5 10 dose
    Bovi-shield Gold FP5 50 dose
    Bovikalc Box of 4
    Bovikalc Case of 24
    Calcium Borogluconate
    Calf-Lyte 2kg
    Calf-Lyte 4kg
    Calf-Lyte 10kg
    Calf-Lyte 76gm Package
    Calf-Lyte HE 2kg
    Calf-Lyte HE 4kg
    Calf-Lyte HE 10kg
    Calf-Lyte HE 185gm Package
    CefaLak 24 Syringes
    CefaDri 24 Syringes
    Ceftiocyl 250ml
    Covexin Plus 10 dose
    Covexin Plus 50 dose
    Cydectin Pour-On 2.5L
    Cydectin Pour-On 5L
    Cydectin Pour-On 10L
    Cydectin 1L
    Cystorelin 2 x 10ml Box
    Draxxin 50ml
    Dry-clox Syringes
    Estrumate 10ml
    Estrumate 20ml
    Estrumate 50ml
    Estrumate 100ml
    Excenel EZ RTU 100ml
    Excenel to mix 4gm
    Excenel to mix 1gm
    Excede 100ml
    Fertiline 50ml
    Fertagyl 20ml
    Glycol 4L
    Glycol 20L
    Inforce 10 dose
    Inforce 25 dose tray
    J-Vac 10 dose
    J-Vac 50 dose
    Metacam 50ml
    Metacam 100ml
    Micotil 100ml
    Milk Sample Tubes (Bag of 10)
    Novodry Plus
    Oxyto-sure 100ml
    Oxyvet LP 250ml
    Oxyvet LP 500ml
    Oxyvet LA 250ml
    Oxyvet LA 500ml
    Precision Xtra Ketone Strips
    Procillin 250ml
    Procillin 500ml
    Pyramid FP 5 – 10 dose
    Pyramid FP 5 – 50 dose
    Pyramid FP 5 with Presponse – 10 dose
    Pyramid FP 5 with Presponse – 50 dose
    Resflor 100ml
    Scourbos 4 - 10 dose
    Scourbos 4 - 50 dose
    Scourbos 9 - 10 dose
    Scourbos 9 -50 dose
    Scourguard 4KC - 10 dose
    Scourguard 4KC - 50 dose
    Special Formula
    Spectramast DC Box of 12
    Spectramast DC Pail of 144
    Spectramast LC Box of 12
    Spectramast LC Pail of 144
    Theracalcium 250ml
    Triangle 5 – 10 dose
    Triangle 5 – 50 dose
    Triangle 10 – 10 dose
    Triangle 10 – 50 dose
    Trimidox 100ml
    Trimidox 250ml
    Trimidox 500ml
    Ultrabac 10 dose
    Ultrabac 50 dose
    Vitamaster 100ml
    Vitamin AD 100ml
    Vitamin AD 250ml